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of hot milk to warm you - 2019/11/28 08:37
As the grades continue to increase, academics are gradually increasing. As for me, I spend more and more time in the study, and less and less time with my mother. But my mother's concern for me is just like a glass of mellow milk getting stronger and stronger. Last year, I became a junior high school student and started a new journey of study. The new environment, new classmates, new books with a strong ink fragrance and so on ... all of this brought me a strong sense of freshness, but this feeling was quickly dispelled by the heavy courses Wholesale Cigarettes. I remember it was a cold night Marlboro Cigarettes, I was wrapped in thick clothes, and I was alone in the study "overcoming difficulties". At that time, I bit my pen casually, and my mind was still thinking, "What is the value of X? What should I do?" I just pulled a piece of draft paper and scribbled on it. Outside the window, the wind is roaring, and the branches of the tree are swung back and forth by it, as if someone is pushing the swing hard, left and right; the wind roars, desperately hits the glass on the window, trying to drill through a gap Come in, it seems to want to add a bit of winter to this already cold study. Time, never knowing tiredness, it kept running forward. The homework is so heavy, it weighs on my mood at the moment. At this time, I regretted why I didn't listen carefully to the class and understood every question and every word the teacher said. Outside the window, everything was dark except for a few dim street lights. I continued to think about the problem. Just then, the lights downstairs turned on and heard some movement. I ignored it Newport 100S, rubbed my frosty hand, and kept thinking. After a while, the lights downstairs turned off again. Everything was calm again, except for the sound of the howling wind outside the window. Suddenly, a familiar footstep was heard. Gradually, my mother's kind face appeared in front of me, holding a glass of steaming milk in her hand. The seductive milky fragrance radiates outwards. With each breath, the strong fragrance rejuvenates my frosty body. I stared greedily at the cup of hot milk, and really wanted to grab it now and take a drink. My mother gently placed the milk on my desk, and said gently to me, "Come on! My mother made you a cup of hot milk to warm your body." After that, she walked gently and closed the door for me. . I held the glass of milk in both hands, warmed, took a sip, and the cold in my body was swept away. Then I knew why the lights downstairs just turned on. Mom, mom is making milk for me, mom is making milk for me. Milk warms my whole body and my heart. This glass of milk is the love that my mother passed on to me. The milk is still hot and scented, my heart is filled with a little glass of milk, full of motherly love
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- 2019/12/29 23:41
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inizia un nuovo argomento

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